ACCOUNTS & STORAGE: Users (individuals and organizations) are authorized to create single SKv3.0 Broadsheet Account with a storage capacity of 200k (or about 100 RSS Weblog entries)

NO WARRANTY: SKv3.0 Broadsheet is free software made available on an as is basis. Sophiaknows makes no implied or express warranties as to the software's merchantability or fitness for any purpose.

NO WAIVER: Sophiaknows may choose to enforce its stated account and storage restrictions from time to time. Provided, the failure to enforce such restrictions or limits for a period of time will not be deemed a waiver of right to later enforce such stated limits.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Sophiaknows does not send unsolicited email, nor do we share user information with third parties. Information collected from visitors during registration is used exclusively for purposes of enabling the registered application or service.

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