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Rev 2: Dec 2004

This page lists all html elements included in the HTML 4.0 specification. Selecting on the element names in the leftmost column will load a brief description, example and list of widely supported attributes† for each of the listed elements

<address>Address ElementNN4,IE4
<applet>Applet. Use <object> insteadNN2,IE3
<area>Area Inside An Image MapNN3,IE3
<b>Bold TextNN3,IE3
<base>Base Url For All The Links In A PageNN3,IE3
<basefont>Base FontNN3,IE3
<bdo>Direction Of Text DisplayNN6.2,IE5
<big>Big TextNN3,IE3
<blockquote>Long QuotationNN3,IE3
<body>Body ElementNN3,IE3
<br>Inserts A Single Line BreakNN3,IE3
<button>Push ButtonNN6.2,IE4
<caption>Table CaptionNN3,IE3
<center>Centered TextNN3,IE3
<code>Computer Code TextNN3,IE3
<col>Attributes For Table Columns IE3
<colgroup>Groups Of Table ColumnsIE3
<dd>Definition DescriptionNN3,IE3
<del>Deleted TextNN6.2,IE4
<dir>Directory ListNN3,IE3
<div>Section In A DocumentNN3,IE3
<dfn>Definition TermIE3
<dl>Definition ListNN3,IE3
<dt>Definition TermNN3,IE3
<em>Emphasized Text NN3,IE3
<font>Font Face, Size, And Color Of TextNN3,IE3
<form>Form NN3,IE3
<frame>Sub Window A FrameNN3,IE3
<frameset>Set Of FramesNN3,IE3
<h1>Heading 1NN3,IE3
<h2>Heading 2NN3,IE3
<h3>Heading 3NN3,IE3
<h4>Heading 4NN3,IE3
<h5>Heading 5NN3,IE3
<h6>Heading 6NN3,IE3
<head>Document HeadNN3,IE3
<hr>Horizontal RuleNN3,IE3
<html>Html DocumentNN3,IE3
<i>Italic TextNN3,IE3
<iframe>Inline Sub Window FrameNN6,IE4
<input>Input FieldNN3,IE3
<ins>Inserted TextNN6.2,IE4
<isindex>Single-Line Input Field. Use <input>NN3,IE3
<kbd>Keyboard TextNN3,IE3
<label>Label For A Form ControlNN6.2,IE4
<legend>Title In A FieldsetNN6.2,IE4
<li>List ItemNN3,IE3
<link>Resource ReferenceNN4,IE3
<map>Image Map NN3,IE3
<menu>Menu ListNN3,IE3
<meta>Meta InformationNN3,IE3
<noframes>Noframe SectionNN3,IE3
<noscript>Noscript SectionNN3,IE3
<object>Embedded ObjectIE3
<ol>Ordered ListNN3,IE3
<optgroup>Option GroupNN6,IE6
<option>Select Object OptionNN3,IE3
<param>Parameter For An ObjectNN3,IE3
<pre>Preformatted TextNN3,IE3
<q>Short QuotationNN6.2,
<s>Strikethrough TextNN3,IE3
<samp>Sample Computer CodeNN3,IE3
<select>Selectable ListNN3,IE3
<small>Small TextNN3,IE3
<span>Section In A DocumentNN4,IE3
<strike>Strikethrough TextNN3,IE3
<strong>Strong TextNN3,IE3
<style>Style DefinitionNN4,IE3
<sub>Subscripted TextNN3,IE3
<sup>Superscripted TextNN3,IE3
<tbody>Table BodyIE4
<td>Table CellNN3,IE3
<textarea>Text AreaNN3,IE3
<tfoot>Table FooterIE4
<th>Table HeaderNN3,IE3
<thead>Table HeaderIE4
<title>Document TitleNN3,IE3
<tr>Table RowNN3,IE3
<tt>Teletype TextNN3,IE3
<u>Underlined TextNN3,IE3
<ul>Unordered ListNN3,IE3

†Includes certain widely supported attributes that are not in fact included in the official W3C 4.0 specification.



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