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  1. CSS ROLLOVERS: Replace images and javascript with inline markup and standard CSS :hover statements
  2. JS REGEXP: Unlock JavaScript's text processing power with regular expressions and built-in string methods.
  3. JS FORMS: From simple validation to full applications, learn how to interact with HTML form controls.
The Tutorials collected in this section provide an overview of features and syntax for a number of Web friendly programming languages including: Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Perl.
  1. HTML BASICS: Introduction to the Web's core markup language
  2. CSS BASICS: Introduction to essential CSS style properties, syntax and values
  3. JS BASICS: Introduction to JavaScript features, syntax and basic programming concepts
  4. PHP BASICS: Overview of PHP language features, syntax and differences
  5. PERL BASICS: Overview of Perl language features, syntax and differences

Note that the Tutorials assume varying (but generally progressive) levels of experience and sophistication with web developemnt and programming:

The HTML primer provides a basic introduction to the Web's core markup and formatting language.

The CSS primer provides an introduction to CSS 1.0 style properties, syntax and values.

The JavaScript primer (JavaScript Basics) provides both an overview of JavaScript's features, methods and syntax as well as an introduction to some basic programming concepts.

The PHP and Perl primers (PHP Basics and Perl Basics) provide a more general overview of language features, syntax and differences aimed at more experienced programmers and web designers.

Additional notes collected here provide detailed tips and working examples of various techniques and language features as well as examples including combined language features





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